In the Air

Chopper over Angkor Wat, CambodiaIt's one thing seeing Cambodia's ancient Angkor temples up close and personal. It's something else capturing a bird's-eye view of the once-thriving kingdom aboard a helicopter.

We've strapped ourselves in and put on our headphones, which fail to completely suppress the whump of the chopper's blades slicing the air and whirling us into the clear, blue sky.

Our Aussie pilot Phil Butterworth's voice crackles through our earpieces: "You've chosen a great day to fly. The weather conditions are pretty much perfect".

trike-flyingCambodians refer to it as "the flying moto" and it's quite an appropriate name for the little airborne machine called a microlight, or alternatively, an ultralight.

Within the aeronautical trade it’s often referred to simply as a “trike”.

It is a three-wheeled, two-seater fibreglass pod fitted to an aircraft-grade aluminium mainframe with a motor and propeller at the back.
The pod is attached to a large wing similar in shape to a hang-glider, from which this aircraft actually evolved.