Events Festivals Lunar New Year Cambodia
The holiday may not be listed on the official Cambodian calendar, like Khmer New Year, but thanks to a prominent...
Festival of the Dead Pchum Ben Cambodia
Bonn Pchum Ben is the festival held for commemoration of the spirits of the dead. People take turns offering food to the monks of their local pagoda in the hope that their offering will reach the souls of their ancestors by virtue of the monks’ sermons.
Events Festivals Water Festival Phnom Penh
Crowds flock to the capital Phnom Penh to take in boat races on the river, fireworks, street food, music performances, and a flotilla of illuminated vessels during the three-day Bon Om Touk or Water Festival.
Khmer New Year Flour Water Throwing
Khmer New Year is the most important Cambodian holiday. Spread over three days with lavish offerings at pagodas, traditional games and grand festivities.
Khmer Customs
The Khmer are a formal if friendly people with customs similar to that of its neighbours, with a few in...
Culture Customs Greeting Cambodia
Cambodians are an extremely hospitable and friendly people, though perhaps a little reticent to invite strangers into their home at first. Among friends and relatives, however, frequent and unannounced visits are common. If invited to someone's house, expatriates can expect to be given the best seat in the house, as well as the best serving of food.
Culture Arts Boxing

Spectators at Cambodian kickboxing matchIn Cambodia three martial arts are practiced. The most popular is Bradal Serey, which is kickboxing, with nearly the same rules and style as Thai Boxing (Muay Thai). Bradal Serey is the national sport, and the television networks broadcast professional fights weekly.

Bokator (the Thai variation is called Muay Thai Boran, see below under 'The Difference') is an all encompassing ancient fighting art, includes punches, kicks, knees, elbows, grappling, ground fighting, and weapons. The practitioners fight without gloves. Their hands are wrapped with ropes or traditional krama scarves.

The internet can be a great help to learn a language. Unfortunately, there are not many resources on the web for interactively learning the Khmer language. We have done extensive searching to provide you with some helpful tools to start learning Khmer, including one online interactive course.

To start getting used to the sound of the Cambodian language, view video’s on YouTube, we have included two videos below, but there are more available.

New Khmer Architecture Chaktomuk Theatre Phnom Penh
In the 1950s en 1960s Prince Norodom Sihanouk gave the impulse to an enlightened development policy encompassing the whole of the kingdom with the construction of new towns, infrastructure and architecture of the highest standard. Undoubtedly, the most talented architect was Vann Molyvann, who completed more than a hundred buildings in just 15 years time. He contributed largely to the unique and authentic style of the New Khmer Architecture.
Cambodia Nature Wildlife Flowers Plants
Cambodia has reduced its public holidays in 2020: six have been removed or altered. Here you'll find the 2020 dates of official holidays, religious ceremonies and other festivals in Cambodia.

Khmer NumbersThough English is fast becoming the second language in Cambodia specially of younger Khmers, it is still great if you know a little of Khmer. It’s a great help in learning and gaining more understanding of Cambodian culture. And…, it goes a long way when you are bargaining in the markets!

The Khmer language has 33 consonants, 23 vowels, and 12 independant vowels. The placement of the vowels in written Khmer can be confusing at first; vowels may follow or precede the consonants, or they may go above or below, or some combination of before, after, above, or below.