The internet can be a great help to learn a language. Unfortunately, there are not many resources on the web for interactively learning the Khmer language. We have done extensive searching to provide you with some helpful tools to start learning Khmer, including one online interactive course.

To start getting used to the sound of the Cambodian language, view video’s on YouTube, we have included two videos below, but there are more available.

Khmer NumbersThough English is fast becoming the second language in Cambodia specially of younger Khmers, it is still great if you know a little of Khmer. It’s a great help in learning and gaining more understanding of Cambodian culture. And…, it goes a long way when you are bargaining in the markets!

The Khmer language has 33 consonants, 23 vowels, and 12 independant vowels. The placement of the vowels in written Khmer can be confusing at first; vowels may follow or precede the consonants, or they may go above or below, or some combination of before, after, above, or below.