Guide to Cambodia Introduction

Introduction to Cambodia

Many people think the only worthwhile sights in Cambodia are the temples of Angkor. Well, they are wrong and this website will prove it. Enjoy your travels in Cambodia!

Phnom Penh

Bird view of Phnom Penh Central Market

The capital of Cambodia is re-emerging as the Pearl of Asia, as it was once known.

This energetic, vibrant and welcoming city is well worth spending a few days. There might not be that much major attractions, but it’s all made up for by the atmosphere and the people.

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The East

Mondulkiri, Cambodia's least populated province

Mondulkiri and Ratanakiri, Cambodia’s eastern provinces, are less visited but they are real jewels: waterfalls, jungle, indigenous people.

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The Island Beaches

Islands off the coast of Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Over the past years, the town of Sihanoukville has been ruined by the Chinese: casinos, high rises of questionable quality, traffic jams, gang fights, and polluted waters.

SKIP Sihanoukville, use it only as the hub to jump to one of the islands off the coast not (yet) destroyed by Chinese money.

Skip Sihanoukville, visit Islands

The West

Boy jumping from bridge in Sangkear River, Battambang

The only major town in Western Cambodia is Battambang.

While worth a visit (both the town and the countryside) one adventure you should not miss: the boat trip from Battambang to Siem Reap, over the Sangkear river.

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The South

Crab Market Kep Cambodia

In Southern Cambodia you’ll find the charming towns Kampot & Kep.

Bokor Mountain is accessible again, and there are plenty of other attractions: caves, pepper plantations and on the island of Koh Tonsay uncrowded beaches to relax.

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Siem Reap - Not Just Angkor Temples

Oh yes, and of course there’s the North, with its major attraction near the town of Siem Reap: the famous temples of Angkor.

But there’s more to see in Northern Cambodia.

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