Accommodations in Kep, Cambodia

In colonial times, Kep used to be the resort town for the French. It was ravaged by the Khmer Rouge, but is now slowly bouncing back. In recent years many new places have opened, some very luxury (and expensive).

There are however still options for travellers on a budget. See this list of accommodations in Kep.

Veranda Resort, Kep City, CambodiaVeranda Resort
Bungalow style guest house with 20 rooms offering air con, Wi-Fi, swimming pool, shop, ice cream, bakery, clothes boutique, stylish bathrooms and the restaurant has a wide selection of dishes.
Rooms from 25 – 70$ incl. breakfast
Tel: 012 888 619

Kep Lodge, Kep, CambodiaKep Lodge
Boutique guest house on the hill with 8 bungalows with hot water, Mini bar, stunning ocean views, excellent restaurant, fully stocked bar (happy hour), pool table and swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, free bicycles.
Rooms from 28 – 70$ incl. breakfast
Tel: 092-435330

Knai Bang Chatt, Kep, CambodiaKnai Bang Chatt
Private seaside resort with 11 rooms in 3 renovated modernist and minimalist villas built in the sixties. A saltwater swimming pool, gym, Wi-Fi, spa and air con are the amenities of this resort.
Rooms from 134 – 300$
Tel: 012 349 742

The Beach House, Kep City,CambodiaBeach House
Hotel next to the beach with 18 rooms all with sea view, hot water, air con, satellite TV, swimming pool, Wi-Fi. There is also a restaurant which serves khmer and western dishes.
Rooms from 35 – 55$
Tel: 012-240090

Mealea Resort, KepMealea Resort
Kep’s main attraction is its spectacular views, and you’ll miss those if you stay here, since the place isn’t on the ocean nor is it on a hill overlooking it. Centrally located next to the Crab Market. Fine dining french restaurant.
Rooms from $60-100 incl. breakfast
Tel: 012-501742

Vanna Bungalows, Kep City,CambodiaVanna Bungalows
Quality constructed fan and a/c bungalows on the hillside with a fantastic view overlooking the ocean. Restaurant with home cooked Cambodian food. Dining area large enough for functions/meetings.
Rooms from $15-25
Tel: 012-755038

Star Inn Hotel, Kep, CambodiaStar Inn
New stylish hotel directly on the beach with 19 rooms with all amenities like hot water, air con, TV, private balcony. Good seafood restaurant.
Rooms from $25-45 incl. breakfast
Tel: 036-393909

Le Bout du Monde guesthouse, Kep, CambodiaLe Bout du Monde
Hilltop guest house with 6 bungalows, all with great views over the ocean and towards Bokor Hill, hot water and mini bar. Highest restaurant in town offering french and khmer dishes.
Rooms from $15-85
Tel: 011-964181

Jasmine Valley, Kep, CambodiaJasmine Valley
Mud brick bungalows, nestled just below the national park in the beautiful jungle-covered mountains. Solar powered accommodation, healthy, home-grown foods, the sound of the Cambodian Jungle, magnificent views across islands to Vietnam and the sweet fragrance of Jasmine and jungle blossom.
Rooms from $40-69
Tel: 097-7917636

The Boat House guesthouse, Kep, CambodiaThe Boat House
Old Khmer wooden house near the bus station with many small balconies surrounded by big trees and garden. 5 stylish rooms with fan, comfortable beds, hot water and a big salon. Restaurant with khmer and french dishes. Perfect for families.
Rooms from 10 – 20$ incl. fruit juice
Tel: 099-504820

Botanica guesthouse, Kep, CambodiaBotanica
Five bungalows in a tropical garden setting with a comfortable restaurant serving world food, free bicycles, Wi-Fi.
Rooms from $8-10
Tel: 016-562775

Champey Sor guesthouse, Kep, CambodiaChampey Sor
Small Guest House near the beach and just behind the tourism office the 10 rooms are equipped with air con or fan in a nice garden setting.
Rooms from $10-20
Tel: 017-251881

Le Flamboyant Hotel, Kep, CambodiaLe Flamboyant
New bungalow boutique hotel with a new swimming pool and a good french restaurant. Mini bar, Wi-Fi, TV, Dvd player and air con are the amenities of the 4 bungalows.
Rooms from $35-60
Tel: 016-713823

Kukuluku guesthouse, Kep, CambodiaKukuluku Beach Club
Guest house directly at the beach with a nice restaurant offering khmer and french dishes, beach bar, pool table, darts and boat trips to the islands. Offering 6 rooms, some with air con and hot water. Now with swimming pool.
Rooms from $5-35
Tel: 099-504820

Malibu Estates, Kep, CambodiaMalibu Estates
Bungalow village up in the mountains with a salt water swimming pool and very stylish rooms with TV, air con, mini bar. Restaurant and bar, Wi-Fi, free bicycles.
Rooms from $30-120 incl. breakfast buffet.
Tel: 012-1856833

N4 guesthouse, Kep, CambodiaN 4
Khmer guest house on the hill offering 23 rooms with hot water, some with air con. Restaurant serving mainly khmer food.
Rooms from $8-20
Tel: 012-395252

Rega guesthouse, Kep, CambodiaRega Kep
New guest house in the center of Kep with 15 well equipped bedrooms, with en suite bathrooms, hot water and some with air con. The lovely restaurant serves a wide range of khmer, vietnamese and french dishes.
Rooms from $12-17
Tel: 012-897205

This listing is updated frequently.

We check regularly on current prices and add new accommodations in Kep, Cambodia.