Koh Trong Paradise Island

Koh Trong is a beautiful quiet island opposite the riverfront of Kratie Town, an almighty sandbar in the middle of the river. No cars, but carts, smiling peasants, craggy fishermen and a rich soil that man turned into an orchard, Koh Trong is a small paradise. It is a short ferry ride between town life and a slice of Cambodia’s rural ways.

Surrounded 8 months a year by white sandy beaches, constantly refreshed by the river’s breeze, the island of Koh Trong is some sort of an ideal Cambodia. The beaches call out to be lazed upon with a picnic after a dip in the Mekong (DON’T swim in the river during the rainy season, when the water level is high and the flow is fast!).

On the island

Local guides will be happy to take you on a cycle or horse and cart tour of their charming homeland, but you can just as easily hire a bicycles on the island. You do not need to rent one in town. Great for families, because you can cycle around without fear of being run over by a Lexus.

Set on the south-west corner of the island, the floating Vietnamese village has been there for generations. Their village moves according to the seasons, stuck to the banks in the rainy season it then glides toward the middle of the river in the dry season and people reach it by boat or wooden gangways.

The rare Mekong mud turtles inhabit the western shore.

Koh Trong Island is on the Mekong Discovery Trail which offers an opportunity to bike or walk along portions of the Mekong and stay at homestays or volunteer along the way. The trail on the island is somewhat signposted for you to follow. Alternatively, download our map and information on the visit on Koh Trong.

You can watch the sunset from the island’s western banks, but be sure to arrange transport back ahead of time since the last scheduled ferry leaves promptly at 6:30pm.


It is possible to stay overnight on Koh Trong. You have the option of sleeping at a homestay, or if you want more luxury, a resort (including swimming pool).


Koh Trong has two homestays, one to the south of the boat landing and the other to the north. The latter is the better, with public sleeping on the floor of the stilted wooden house or in a private room (with shared bathroom). All sleeping arrangements include a mosquito net, fans, and bedding.

Dorm bed $3.00
Private room $7.00

Rajabori Villas

For more luxury, head to Rajabori Villas on the north end of the island. The Rajabori has ten rooms spread into ten traditional wooden houses, single or double. The villas and public spaces are furnished and decorated in typical Khmer style.
For electricity, the villas use a mixed system made of a generator that operates a portion of the night and solar panels that provide the service during the day.

Website: Rajabori Villas

Prices: $50 – $150