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Koh Kong may be without the spectacular temples or much-improved tourist infrastructure of other areas of Cambodia, but officials say they are counting on tourism to develop the southwestern province.

Tourists are expected to increasingly taking advantage of the eco-tourism opportunities the province's natural beauty provides, while officials are also anticipating a US$5 billion large-scale Chinese tourism development now under way, according to Koh Kong Deputy Governor Sun Dara.

many waterfalls in mondulkiri, cambodia

If you wish to explore rich culture, immerse yourself in breathtaking scenery, encounter wonderful people, then Mondulkiri is the ideal destination for you.

Mondulkiri is the largest province of Cambodia but sparsely populated: about 40,000 people are living here.

Mondulkiri is located in eastern Cambodia, with scenery and a climate quite unlike anywhere else in the country. In the dry season the weather is 23-29 ºC with sunshine; in summer the temperatures vary between 27 and 31ºC. There are endless grassy hills, rivers and jungle. At an average elevation of 800m, it can get quite chilly at night. Mondulkiri has numerous tourist attractions such as waterfalls, indigenous culture, national parks and elephant trekking.