Cambodia VisaTo get into Cambodia is real easy. Visa’s are now available at almost every entry point, whether you enter the country overland or by air. Note that visa’s for neighbouring Vietnam and Laos are not available at the border crossings.

For most nationalities there’s no need to apply for a visa at Cambodian embassies overseas. Generally that is much more expensive.

The visa process at the borders is easy and straightforward. Do not believe touts who claim you need their ‘assistance’.

Dangers and annoyances in Cambodia Travel GuideCambodia for many people still has a reputation of a dangerous country.
Well, these people are wrong.

If you are not wandering off in far-away places you’ll not come across any landmine.

Pickpockets are active – of course – as they are in your country, just keep your wits about.

There is one thing that can be dangerous in Cambodia: the traffic, especially on the routes between towns.

dollars and riels in Cambodia

On the whole Cambodia is an inexpensive place, although it is a bit more expensive than neighbouring countries like Vietnam and Thailand. Of course you can reduce your costs by bargaining, although you shouldn’t overdo this as in Cambodia foreigners are quoted higher prices, but not nearly as much as in e.g. Vietnam.

Cambodia’s official currency is the riel, but you’ll see many people using the US Dollar to pay for everyday expenses. Don’t be fooled into changing dollars into riel at the land border crossings! The touts will tell you that the dollar is now not used anymore, so you have to change into riel at their ridicolous low exchange rate.
DO NOT BELIEVE any story like that.

Ice in Cambodia, is it safe?A question asked by many travellers: what about the water in Cambodia? Can I drink the tap water and what about the ice in our drinks?

Is it safe, or should I avoid ice in drinks?

Here we explain to you what is safe and unsafe.

What the difference is between the big blocks of ice and ‘clean ice’.

And what the quality is of the tap water in Cambodia.