Lonely Planet Cambodia: Temples of Angkor

Discover Cambodia. Includes FREE planning and background information. Welcome to the heart and soul of Cambodia. The temples of Angkor are a source of inspiration and national pride to all Khmers as they struggle to rebuild their lives after years of terror and trauma. Today, the temples are a point of pilgrimage for all Cambodians, and no traveller to the region will want to miss their extravagant beauty. Angkor is the perfect fusion of creative ambition and spiritual devotion. The Cambodian -god-kings- of old each strove to better their ancestors in size, scale and symmetry, culminating in the world-s largest religious building, Angkor Wat. The hundreds of temples surviving today are but the sacred skeleton of the vast political, religious and social centre of Cambodia-s ancient Khmer empire; a city that, at its zenith, boasted a population of one million when London was a scrawny town of 50,000. The houses, public buildings and palaces of Angkor were constructed of wood – now long decayed – because the right to dwell in structures of brick or stone was reserved for the gods.

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