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Kratié Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast & Radar Map

Will it soon rain in Kratié, Cambodia? And if there is precipitation, when will it end? Check the current weather conditions for Kratié and the hourly forecast.

Kratié current weather conditions & 12-hour forecast

overcast clouds
22nd May 2022
05:30 18:15

Wind speed: 3.1m/s
Humidity: 95%
Pressure: 1005 hPa
Cloudiness: 100%
Precipitation: 0mm

Last updated at 21:12

Keep in mind that in Cambodia, precipitation can be very local. While it rains in your area, it may be completely dry just 500m away from your location.

Time Conditions Temp Rain % / mm Wind Humidity Pressure 21:00moderate rain25°C88% 2.4mm4m/s95%1005 hPa22:00light rain25°C88% 1mm4m/s95%1005 hPa23:00moderate rain24°C96% 2.1mm4m/s95%1005 hPaMay 23light rain24°C96% 0.9mm4m/s97%1006 hPa01:00moderate rain24°C100% 1.3mm4m/s98%1005 hPa02:00moderate rain23°C100% 1.2mm3m/s98%1005 hPa03:00moderate rain23°C100% 1.1mm3m/s98%1005 hPa04:00light rain23°C100% 0.6mm3m/s98%1005 hPa05:00light rain23°C100% 0.3mm3m/s98%1005 hPa06:00light rain24°C96% 0.2mm3m/s97%1005 hPa07:00overcast clouds24°C76% 0mm3m/s97%1005 hPa08:00overcast clouds24°C9% 0mm3m/s96%1006 hPa09:00overcast clouds26°C17% 0mm3m/s89%1006 hPa


With this interactive weather radar map for Kratié you can see whether rain clouds are approaching.