1910 film footage of Phnom Penh

Video: an amazing glimpse into past times, Cambodia in 1910

This video is an amazing glimpse into past times.

This documentary of Cambodia was supposedly produced in 1910 – the title says 1937 but that’s probably wrong – when a couple of Americans set out by boat from France to Cambodia.

First they visited Phnom Penh (wrongly pronounced ‘Nom Penh’ by the commentator) where they arrive when the annual Water Festival takes place. They also see a show by Royal Dancers and see how the royal elephants are bathed in the Tonle Sap river. Then they are headed to Angkor Wat, where this clip ends.

The film was left in an old house, and the owner who shot the documentary had died. The film was discovered in America by an unknown family and later sold and released on videotape (the title ‘Angkor’).