Video: Moving a House in Kampot

The House was Sold, but Without the Land!

In the countryside of Kampot, an owner sold his house. Until then, nothing but very normal. But he sold his house without the land! The seller and the buyer closed the deal several months ago and then waited for the dry season and the end of the harvest to relocate.

This morning, family and villagers gathered for this exceptional moment to move the complete house to a new spot. Everything seems to have been meticulously thought out and prepared. Everyone is waiting for the green light.

For this trip, a boy and a girl are placed in the house. According to belief, the task will be easier! In Cambodia, beliefs and symbols are perennial. This couple of children is reminiscent of the original legend of the settlement of the country. She reports that Cambodia was born of the union of an Indian prince named Kaundinya and a Khmer princess named Soma, daughter of a powerful Naga king. Thus, when the Indian prince entered Cambodia, the princess defended himself with force, forcing the prince to use his magic bow to subdue it. But, dazzled by his great beauty, he demanded his hand from King Naga. He accepted the request. He then drank all the water covering Cambodia and offered this rich and fertile land as a dowry of marriage.

The family prepared rice and alcohol for the villagers. Good humor is part of the game.

Although the course has been spotted, a few last-minute surprises force men in the prime of their age to demonstrate their agility and know-how. This move is a formidable demonstration of the spirit of mutual aid that still exists in the villages.