French Watchtower Kampong Cham

French Watchtower

Clearly visible from Kampong Cham’s riverside, on the other side of the Mekong River stands a pink-coloured French-era watchtower. It was built around 1920 to guard the rubber plantations in the hinterland against bandits approaching by boats via the river (there was no bridge at the time).

A very steep and precarious staircase runs up the interior of the tower. It looks more like a series of ladders, so only climb to the summit if you’re not afraid of heights. The top gives you a nice view over the Mekong and Kampong Cham town on the opposite riverbank.

Kampong Cham French Watchtower
Staircase French Watchtower Kampong Cham
French Watchtower
East side of Mekong River
next to the bridge
Kampong Cham