Koh Kong Cardamom Mountains

Steung Areng Eco-tourism

How to get there

STAR-CBET is located in the Cardamom Mountains in Koh Kong Province, southwest Cambodia. Visitors can reach us by:

From Phnom Penh: take the bus to Koh Kong town that leaves at 7:00am from Mao Tse Tung Blvd, near Domkor market. Get off the bus at Veal Pi/Thmar Bang junction on National Road 48, which arrives around 1:00pm.
From Koh Kong: the bus leaves from the central bus station for Phnom Penh at 8:00am; get off the bus at Veal Pi/Thmar Bang junction at 10:00am.
From the Veal Pi/Thmar Bang junction you can arrange a motor taxi to Steung Areng by yourself, or if we know when you are coming, we can arrange for a local moto taxi to bring you the remaining 60km to Steung Areng. The moto taxi ride takes approximately 45 minutes.

From Phnom Penh take National Road 4 to National Road 48. Follow Road 48 for approximately 119km to the Veal Pi junction/ Thmar Bang junction. There is a large sign for STAR-CBET at this junction. Turn onto the dirt road and continue around 60km to reach Steung Areng.

Steung Areng Eco-tourism
Chumnoab Village, Thmorbang District

Koh Kong