CRC Cambodia Releases Free Child Rights Manual

CRC Cambodia Releases Free Child Rights Manual

CRC Cambodia unveiled a child rights booklet aimed at promoting a deeper understanding of children’s rights among Khmer-speaking children, parents, and the wider public. Made available for free until August 31, the initiative seeks to simplify the intricate topic of child rights.

Raising Awareness on Child Rights

The CRC Cambodia, in its recent announcement, introduced the child rights booklet, which aims to offer a user-friendly resource for children and the community. The project is driven by the organization’s commitment to enhancing awareness of child rights issues in Cambodia.

A Result of Generous Contributions

The realization of this essential initiative is possible thanks to the generous support of various donors. Their contributions have facilitated the publication and printing of the 2022 child rights manual, enabling wide accessibility for Cambodian citizens.

Invitation to Obtain Free Copies

CRC Cambodia give welcome message to individuals, organizations, and other relevant institutions to acquire their complimentary copy of the child rights booklet. This initiative aligns with the organization’s mission to disseminate valuable information on child rights, particularly to those directly involved in advocating for and safeguarding children’s welfare.

Endorsement from UN and Cambodia’s Commitment

Neang Visal, the director of CRC Cambodia, mention the manual’s significance as a recommendation by the United Nations (UN). It is intended for state parties, including Cambodia, and serves as a comprehensive guide on upholding international treaties related to child rights. Cambodia reaffirmed its dedication to these principles in 2022.

A Vital Resource for Understanding Child Rights

Visal emphasized the necessity of the booklet, considering that UN recommendations are often available only in English, posing comprehension challenges for many. The publication of this book in Khmer addresses this issue, making it easily comprehensible, especially for children.

Guiding Principles for State Institutions and Organizations

The child rights manual recommend for state institutions and relevant organizations on respecting and upholding child rights principles. By following these guidelines, they can create a safer and more nurturing environment for children.

Appealing to Young Minds with Illustrations

The child rights booklet incorporates engaging illustrations to make the content more appealing and accessible to children. This artistic approach fosters a positive and interactive learning experience, increasing the likelihood of children absorbing and understanding their rights.

Inclusivity in Distribution

While the CRC Cambodia primarily distributes the booklets to its members free of charge, the organization aims for broader inclusivity. They plan to extend the distribution to children’s groups throughout the nation, ensuring that all interested parties have access to this valuable resource.


The launch of the free child rights manual by CRC Cambodia marks a significant step. They promoting awareness and understanding of children’s rights in the country. The initiative empowers Khmer-speaking children, parents, and the broader public to uphold and advocate for child rights principles. This booklet stands as a crucial guide for state institutions and relevant organizations. It is fostering a safer and more nurturing environment for Cambodia’s children. The commitment to inclusivity in distribution ensures that the benefits of this initiative extend to children’s groups nationwide, reinforcing CRC Cambodia’s dedication to safeguarding the rights and welfare of children.