Falcons Triumph: Bagging the MENA Qualifier for ESL One Birmingham

Falcons Triumph: Bagging the MENA Qualifier for ESL One Birmingham

Get ready for some awesome news from the MENA Qualifier for ESL One Birmingham. Falcons just rocked the competition, beating PSG Quest in an intense 3-2 match. Now, these gaming champs are all set to represent the MENA region at the big ESL One Birmingham tournament. They’ll be facing off against 11 other cool teams, all aiming for a piece of the whopping $1,000,000 prize. Let’s dig into the epic journey that led Falcons to this super exciting victory!

Game One: Falcons Sneyking’s Chen Rules

Our hero Jingjun “Sneyking” Wu showed off his mad skills in game one, taking the reins with Chen and setting the vibe. Falcons’ captain ruled the lanes like a boss. Despite some funny moves from both teams, a 22-minute power-up for Oliver “skiter” Lepko’s Troll Warlord pushed Falcons to a sweet victory. Quest gave up at 26 minutes after losing their top barracks.

Game Two: Alchemist’s Star Moment

Game two was all about skiter’s Alchemist stealing the spotlight. PSG Quest tried to counter with a sneaky Primal Beast, but things slowed down as both teams farmed cautiously. But hold on! A crucial fight at 18 minutes showed Quest’s firepower. However, Falcons, armed with Level 18 and Black King Bar on Alchemist, turned things around in a mega team fight. With the top barracks down, Stanislav “Malr1ne” Potorak’s power-packed Mantas sealed Quest’s fate. The GG call came, and they took a solid 2-0 lead.

Game Three: Quest Fights Back with Aegis and Banter

Falcons went for a strong pushing lineup in game three, but Quest had a sneaky lineup to pick them off. The lanes were kinda quiet until an Aegis on Aybek “TA2000” Tokayev’s Windranger added some spice. Technical issues caused a pause, and there was even some friendly banter. When the game picked up again, Quest smashed Falcons’ base, securing their first win in the series.

Game Four: Meepo vs. Huskar – The Battle of Cheesy Moves

Game four got crazy with TA2000 picking Meepo and Falcons countering with a Huskar. ATF struggled a bit with Doom, but No!ob’s Snapfire rocked early fights. The game slowed down until a crucial Roshan fight changed the game. Quest quickly surrendered, pushing the series to a decisive fifth SLOTJARWO game.

Game Five: Falcons Close the Deal

In the final game, PSG Quest stuck with TA2000’s Meepo, but Falcons countered smartly with Troll Warlord and Monkey King. ATF’s Doom dominated the lanes, securing key moves. Even with a BKB rush from Malr1ne’s Monkey King, TA2000 couldn’t repeat his earlier success. Falcons ruled the game, finishing 40-11 in just 38 minutes.

ESL One Birmingham Awaits

With this epic 3-2 victory, Falcons have written their name in MENA Dota 2 history. ESL One Birmingham, happening on April 22, will see they battling it out with top teams worldwide. Get ready for an epic clash of titans and unforgettable moments in England’s coolest city. Congrats, Falcons! Best of luck in the big tournament!