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Cambodia Street Food
Around local markets, you’ll find street food stalls selling all sorts of delectable, delightfully affordable, and sometimes quite adventurous items to savour.
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Brimming with top-notch fish, meat and seafood complemented by an astonishing assortment of aromatic herbs and spices, Cambodian cuisine is...

herbs and spices of Cambodia

Due to its tropical climate, Southeast Asia has a large number of native aromatic plants, most of which are preferred fresh in local cuisine. All these herbs feature prominently in at least some of the Cambodian dishes. Basil, coriander leaves and mint are popular as a fragrant decoration.

In Cambodia spice usage is less dominant than in neighbouring Thailand.

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Get to know some of the traditional Cambodian ingredients:

The tropical fruits of Cambodia

Enjoy the tropical fruits of Cambodia.

Nowadays, tropical fruits are available in almost every supermarket in the West.

But, eating fruits after their long travel is incomparable with eating them close to the source: much more enjoyable.

Fresh fruits are an important part of a healthy balanced diet.

So, stay healthy in Cambodia and enjoy the wonderful and tasty fruits of this country!

Cambodian food is deliciousSome guide books say Cambodia's cuisine is nothing to write home about and a poorer cousin to Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. Now, that is completely untrue.

A thousand years ago the Khmer Kingdom, which centred on Angkor, ruled an empire that included most of south-east Asia.

Hence, many of the Thai and other regional dishes have their roots in Khmer cooking from that time!

While there are similarities, Cambodian cuisine should be taken in its own right.