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Air China: Emergency Landing at Changi Airport Due to Engine Fire

Air China: Emergency Landing Air China found itself making an unexpected emergency landing at Changi Airport as one of its engines caught fire. On Sunday evening, September 10th, an Air China flight en route from Chengdu, Sichuan Province, had to make an emergency landing at Singapore’s Changi Airport due to an engine fire. The incident resulted in the closure of Changi Airport’s runway for approximately three hours, causing delays for all incoming and outgoing flights. The Unfolding Situation At 11:05 local time on April 16, Flight CA403, carrying 146 passengers and nine staff members, took off from Tianfu Airport in Chengdu. The aircraft in question was an Air China A320neo, registered as B-305J, as per the flight tracking website Flightradar24.com. During the flight to Changi, the airplane reported the presence of smoke in its forward cargo area and lavatory. At approximately 15:59 local time, the pilot declared an emergency and…

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