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australian heatwave

Spring Heatwave in Australia An unusual spring heatwave has raised temperatures in interior South Australia, New South Wales, and Victoria. This weather event is setting records, raising temperatures above September normal. The mercury has hit 34.2°C in Sydney, a spectacular example. This measurement is 12°C above the September typical, indicating a strong heatwave. Bureau of Meteorology meteorologists warn that the steady rise in temperatures is far from ended. In the next days, temperatures may rise to an incredible 16°C above the seasonal normal. The effects of this extended heatwave go beyond pain. Dry and warm temperatures are expected over most of Australia this summer, according to weather experts. These circumstances are connected to the deepening of an El Niño event, which increases the probability of severe weather events in summer. Wildfires and droughts are constant concerns. Uncertainty Over Australia and Atlantic Conversely, Australia and the Atlantic hurricane season is peaking.…

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Australia National Gallery is taking a significant step in the world of art restitution by returning three bronze sculptures from the 9th and 10th centuries to Cambodia. These ancient artifacts were find to be steal, and after a thorough decade-long investigation conduct by both countries to ascertain their origins, they will finally be repatriate. The Cambodian government warmly welcomes this historic decision, seeing it as a crucial move towards correcting past injustices amid the growing global demand for the return of looted cultural treasures. Historical Artefacts with Tainted Origins The three sculptures trace their roots back to the Champa Kingdom, an ancient civilization that once thrived in the territories of present-day Vietnam and Cambodia. The National Gallery of Australia (NGA) acquired these works in 2011 from the notorious British art smuggler Douglas Latchford, who passed away in 2020. The NGA had reason to believe that Latchford was involve in illegal…

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