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The Indonesian National Police reveal on Saturday that three Bali immigration officers have been apprehend. They alleged involvement in an illegal organ trafficking syndicate. This criminal network transport numerous victims to Cambodia, where they were force to sell their kidneys. The recent crackdown has result in the arrest of 12 individuals. It is including an immigration officer know as AH. He was accuse of aiding in the smuggling of 122 victims overseas. Crackdown on the Organ Trade Ring Law enforcement agencies have intensified their efforts to dismantle the illegal organ trade ring. Last week, they apprehended 12 members of the syndicate, which included not only AH but also a police officer. The investigation revealed that AH accepted bribes to facilitate the passage of victims through immigration checks. He is allowing them to reach Cambodia for kidney surgeries. Bali Immigration Officers Involved The three Bali immigration officers now under arrest are…

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