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Hey, so the big news is that the United States and China, the top dogs in making the Earth warm, have decided to work together to tackle climate change. They’re planning to boost things like wind and solar power and kick fossil fuels to the curb. Prez Talk and Climate Mission Before President Biden and China’s President Xi have a sit-down, they’re making this cool announcement. It’s happening at a time when they’ve got lots to chat about, from sticky topics like Taiwan and wars to this major deal on climate. Pact Details The deal they made doesn’t exactly say China will ditch coal, which is the super dirty fossil fuel. But they’re both on board to triple how much renewable energy they use by 2030. The goal? To push aside coal, oil, and gas power with cleaner options. It’s a big deal because it’s the first time China’s agreed…

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australian heatwave

Spring Heatwave in Australia An unusual spring heatwave has raised temperatures in interior South Australia, New South Wales, and Victoria. This weather event is setting records, raising temperatures above September normal. The mercury has hit 34.2°C in Sydney, a spectacular example. This measurement is 12°C above the September typical, indicating a strong heatwave. Bureau of Meteorology meteorologists warn that the steady rise in temperatures is far from ended. In the next days, temperatures may rise to an incredible 16°C above the seasonal normal. The effects of this extended heatwave go beyond pain. Dry and warm temperatures are expected over most of Australia this summer, according to weather experts. These circumstances are connected to the deepening of an El Niño event, which increases the probability of severe weather events in summer. Wildfires and droughts are constant concerns. Uncertainty Over Australia and Atlantic Conversely, Australia and the Atlantic hurricane season is peaking.…

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