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Debt Dilemma at Country Garden: A Snapshot of China's Vulnerable Developers

Country Garden: Debt Restructuring Country Garden, one of China’s prominent property developers, recently navigated a complex financial ordeal by reaching an agreement with its creditors. In this deal, they extended the maturity period for its domestic debt, totaling a staggering 3.9 billion yuan, approximately $537 million, or a formidable 8.05 trillion Indonesian Rupiah. This move has provided much-needed relief, not only for Country Garden but also for the beleaguered Chinese real estate sector. Country Garden Navigating Uncertainty: Government-Driven Stimulus Measures While this pact may momentarily relieve the company and its stakeholders, the critical question that looms large is whether a series of government-driven stimulus initiatives can promptly rekindle demand, ease the liquidity crisis gripping this sector, and cast aside the pall that hangs over the world’s second-largest economy. Real Estate Sector’s Vulnerability Exposed As Reuters reported on September 4, 2023, the collapse of several major Chinese real estate giants has…

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