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Ruling Party

Cambodia‘s election has resulted generally in a declared landslide victory. It’s for the ruling party of Prime Minister Hun Sen. However, critics widely dismissed the election as a mere formality. It aimed at solidifying the party’s dominance and paving the way for a smooth transfer of power to the Prime Minister’s eldest son. With the main opposition disqualified and a lack of viable contenders, the election was effectively a one-horse race, raising concerns about its credibility and democratic legitimacy. A One-Horse Race Hun Sen’s Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) enjoyed an overwhelming advantage in the election, being a powerful political force with abundant resources. In the lead-up to the vote, the CPP carried out a ruthless crackdown on its opponents, leaving no viable challengers. The remaining 17 mostly lesser-known parties could not pose a substantial threat to the CPP’s supremacy, and none of them had secured seats in the previous 2018…

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Hun Manet

Hun Manet is the future prime minister-designate of Cambodia’s ruling party. He will led a massive political rally ahead of the country’s general elections. As the son of longtime Prime Minister Hun Sen, Hun Manet addressed his supporters. He is stressing the role of the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) in ensuring security and peace in the country. He accused “extremist groups” of trying to disrupt the upcoming elections. But, He expressed confidence in the Cambodian people’s ability to see through these tactics. The CPP’s dominance in the polls is expected, with the strongest opposition party disqualified and dissent and opposition suppressed ahead of the election. Hun Manet’s political role and party dominance Hun Manet, a 45-year-old four-star general, is nominate as the CPP’s future prime minister candidate. However, the party did not specify when the political transition will take place. The Cambodian People’s Party is expect to continue to dominate.…

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