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Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, one of the world’s longest-serving leaders, has announced his resignation, putting an end to almost four decades of hardline rule. Having held power since 1985, Hun Sen has effectively eliminated all opposition, stifling freedom of expression and banning rival parties. His Cambodian People’s Party recently won a heavily criticized election with no meaningful opposition, paving the way for a dynastic succession to his eldest son, likened by some critics to North Korea’s leadership. Resignation and Succession In a special broadcast on state television, the 70-year-old leader stated that he would not continue as prime minister and will hand over power to his eldest son. The 45-year-old son had played a prominent role in campaigning for the recent election, signaling the planned dynastic succession. Controversial Election The recent election saw the ruling CPP secure 82 percent of the vote, with the only serious challenger, the Candlelight…

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