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Cambodia’s efforts in conservation have yielded positive results as the latest annual sarus crane census. It reveals a significant increase in the vulnerable species’ population. The data is conducted by the Ministry of Environment in collaboration with Nature Life Cambodia, Wildlife Conservation Society, and the International Crane Foundation. The census recorded 180 sarus cranes in February, up from 156 birds last year. This rise in numbers indicates progress in the preservation of the majestic sarus crane. This is listed as globally vulnerable due to various threats to its habitat and well-being. Conservation Success The annual sarus crane census, held from December to May across various regions in Cambodia, has delivered encouraging news. Neth Pheaktra is secretary of State for the Ministry of Environment. She shared that the latest count revealed 180 sarus cranes. This is marking a positive sign of progress in comparison to the 2022 and 2021 census figures…

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