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The Cambodian government’s recent order to block access to online websites and social media accounts of major independent media outlets. It has raised concerns over press freedom and freedom of expression. Human Rights Watch has criticized the move and urged the government to lift its orders to block access. There are The Cambodia Daily, Radio Free Asia (RFA), and Kamnotra, citing a violation of democratic freedoms. Censorship Measures and Government’s Justification: The government’s directive, issued in July 2023, aims to block media websites. It is considered to disseminate deceptive information affecting the respect and popularity of the Royal Government. The Department of Information and Audiovisual is responsible for enforcing these restrictions. It is citing a failure to comply with the Ministry of Information’s requirements. Human Rights Watch condemns this action, emphasizing Prime Minister Hun Sen’s disregard for democratic principles and freedom of expression. Media Outlets’ Response: Radio Free Asia (RFA)…

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