Thai Deputy Police Chief Collaborates with Cambodian Authorities

Thai Deputy Police Chief Collaborates with Cambodian Authorities

Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn, Thailand’s Deputy National Police Chief, is set to embark on a mission to Cambodia, aiming to collaborate with Cambodian law enforcement in the apprehension of a Chinese-led scam syndicate based in Poipet. This group is allegedly connected to a tragic family incident in Samut Sakun.

Cross-Border Manhunt

Pol Gen Surachate disclosed his intention to engage in discussions with police investigators at Samut Prakan’s Muang police station, where he will review the progress of the ongoing investigation into the case of the family deaths.

Warrant Approval and Tragic Culprit

The Deputy Police Chief, as reported by Bangkok Post, confirmed that authorities have already granted a warrant for the arrest of Sanit Dokmai, aged 41, the prime suspect accused of murdering his 44-year-old wife, Wipaporn Racha, along with their two sons aged 9 and 13.

Failed Suicide and Medical Attention

Following the horrendous incident, Sanit reportedly attempted to end his own life by slashing his throat; however, his attempt proved unsuccessful. He is currently receiving medical treatment at a hospital.

Online Fraud and Debt Trigger

The progression of the police’s extended investigation has revealed arrest warrants for individuals involved in phone scam operations. These scams were link to online fraud, and a substantial amount of debt is believe to have drive Sanit to commit the shocking acts.

Desperate Act of a Debt-Ridden Husband

Sanit’s wife, while attempting to assist her husband in alleviating their debt burden, tragically fell victim to the scam. She was allegedly cheat out of a staggering 1.7 billion baht. The immense financial strain compelled Sanit to carry out the heinous act of killing his spouse and their children before making a futile suicide attempt.

Legal Approvals and Arrests

According to Police General Surachate, court-sanctioned measures have been secure to arrest a total of 11 suspects associate with the scam syndicate. These individuals are link to mule bank accounts instrumental in the operation. Already, two of these suspects have been apprehend.

Assets Seized and International Collaboration

The Deputy Police Chief note that substantial progress has make in the case. Authorities have confiscated relevant bank accounts, substantial amounts of cash, and numerous ATM cards held by those implicated in the criminal activities.

In a bid to enhance the collaborative effort, Pol Gen Surachate is slate to travel to Cambodia on Thursday. His aim is to coordinate closely with Cambodian police forces actively involved in the pursuit of the scam syndicate’s members.


The tragic family incident that unfolded due to the manipulative schemes of online fraudsters highlights the dire consequences that can emerge from such criminal operations. The joint efforts of Thai and Cambodian law enforcement agencies exemplify a commitment to bringing justice to the affected family and dismantling the criminal syndicate responsible for the devastation.