From the troupes of monkeys frolicking around the ruins of Bayon temple to dolphins splashing in the Mekong river and mighty elephants ambling the wilds of the northeast, Cambodia’s wildlife puts the “wonder” in the Kingdom of Wonder.

A hotspot for wildlife, some found nowhere else on earth, Cambodia’s spectacular landscapes are home to rare creatures, and seventh heaven for natural history buffs and wildlife-lovers alike. You’ll have the chance to see animals in their natural habitats: spot rare dolphins in the mighty Mekong, scope out gibbons and flying squirrels in primeval rainforests, or get up close and personal with tigers, leopards, otters and elephants in rescue centres and sanctuaries. Here are just a few of Cambodia’s unmissable animal encounters.

Top Animal experiences

Mondulkiri’s Seima Forest

Battambang Bat Caves

Mondulkiri Wildlife Tours

Ratanakiri Gibbon Spotting

Ream National Park

Kep National Park