Vietnamese Police Foil Gold Smuggling Attempt

Vietnamese Police Foil Gold Smuggling Attempt

Vietnamese authorities in An Giang Province recently apprehended suspects involved in an illegal transportation case. It is approximately 19kg of metal, suspect to be gold, was being smuggle from Cambodia to Vietnam. The operation, directed by the Director of An Giang Provincial Police. It showcases the country’s efforts to combat smuggling and illegal goods transportation across borders.

Cracking Down on Smuggling:

Based on intelligence gathering, the Director of An Giang Provincial Police personally oversaw the investigation. It is dismantling of a smuggling ring responsible for illegally transporting goods across the Cambodia-Vietnam borderby the vietnamese. On the night of July 25, the authorities in An Giang Province successfully detected. They arrested the culprits involved in the smuggling operation.

The Smuggling Operation Uncovered:

Late on July 25, authorities caught wind of an illegal transportation case. It is involving approximately 19kg of metal, suspected to be 24k gold. It has being smuggle from Cambodia into Vietnam. The contraband was being transport via a motorboat crossing the Long Binh River in Long Binh Town, An Phu District, An Giang Province. Swift action was take, and relevant agencies. It is including the Border Guard Station of Long Binh International Border Gate, the Khanh Binh Border Gate Customs, and the An Phu District Police, had been notified to cooperate in coping with the incident.

Suspects Confess Involvement:

The morning after the operation, on July 26, suspects H.V.S (60 years old) and N.H.T (22 years old). Both are residing in Long Binh Town, An Phu District, were apprehend. They confess to being part of a group involve in illegally transporting the metal, identified as 24k gold, from Cambodia to Vietnam. The intention was to sell the smuggled gold through intermediaries in Chau Doc City, An Giang Province.

Searching for Evidence:

Following the suspects’ confessions, the Investigation Police Agency of An Giang Provincial Police carry out searches at numerous places in Chau Doc City and An Phu District. During these searches, relevant documents and items were seized as evidence to aid in the ongoing investigation.

Metal Sent for Examination:

To further corroborate the case and gather evidence, the confiscated metal was sent for examination. This step is crucial to establish the authenticity and nature of the metal being smuggled into Vietnam.

An Giang’s Struggle Against Smuggling:

An Giang Province, which shares a 100km long land border with Cambodia, faces persistent challenges in combatting cross-border smuggling activities.Annually, the province’s border anti-smuggling forces stumble upon and disrupt severa instances regarding the unlawful transportation of goods.

Recalling Past Successes:

In 2020, An Giang Provincial Police achieved a significant breakthrough by successfully thwarting a major smuggling operation involving gold and foreign currencies. The operation was orchestrate by Nguyen Thi Kim Hanh, also known as Muoi Tuong.


The recent arrest of suspects involved in the attempted gold smuggling from Cambodia to Vietnam highlights the Vietnamese authorities’ dedication to tackling cross-border illegal transportation and smuggling activities. Such efforts remain vital in maintaining the integrity of the nation’s borders and upholding the rule of law.